A modern, versatile lighting solution uniquely designed to adapt to your space, as well as your mood.


  • Lamp and Sconce: May use as wither a table lamp or a wall sconce for use in spaces needing a boost in light and character. The cylinder can face up or down while giving a contemporary and sophisticated feel to any space.
  • Remote: Customize the color of the lamp’s light.  A full spectrum of hues allows you to switch colors automatically between individual colors. 
  • Light Effects: A strobe function changes colors rapidly for parties and festive events. Add a function that can fade in and out of various colors, and you no longer have a lamp - you have an experience. 
  • Touch Switch: The task light has two warm LED strip lights with a total of 30 super bright LEDs that are controlled by a touch switch.


  • Stave Arm: Length 71.12cm/28in x With 6.35cm/2.5in
  • Aluminum Cylinder: Diameter 5"
  • Adjustable Angled Stabilizing Arm: Length 12.7cm/5in Ball: 3.14cm/1.25in
  • Lamp Weight: 1.04kg/2.4lbs
  • 30 Warm Super Bright LEDs in Aluminum Angle Arm
  • 6 RGB (red, blue green) LEDs in the cylinder for the Aurora effect
  • 12V Wall Transformer, International: 110V, 240V - CE Approved
  • Uses less than 5w (when on) with 30 warm LEDs and Aurora cylinder LEDs
  • Patent Pending
  • Designed and handmade in the USA

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