Universal 360 Magnetic Mobile Smartphone Holder

This Universal Sticky Magnetic Car Mount Holder is perfect for holding your smartphone  on your car dashboard. The super compact size is small enough so it doesn't interfere with your sight while driving. (FREE Domestic Shipping)


  • Ball shaped base and magnetic piece
  • Magnetic piece strongly adheres to the dashboard
  • Small size,space-saving
  • 360° rotation,free height and angle adjustment
  • Compatible with any mobile device
  • FREE SHIPPING to U.S. customers


How to apply the metal disc to the back of your smartphone:

1.     Clean your phone with alcohol.

2.     Tear off 3M adhesive film

3.     Stick it in the middle of the back of the phone

4.     Stick small magnet on it

5.     Apply pressure to make sure it is secure

6.     See tips below


How to apply the magnet to the dashboard:

1.     Clean the area you are going to stick the magnet to

2.     Remove the sticker from the back

3.     Attach the magnet sticker to the surface (not recommended for leather surfaces)

4.     Allow to cure for a couple of hours before use


Compatible Models:

Note 2 N7100, iPhone 4, Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, S3 Mini I8190N, iPhone 5, S4 Mini I9190, iTouch 5, S2 I9100, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, S3 I9300,iPhone 6 Plus, S4 I9500, iPhone 5C, Galaxy Grand I9080/I9082, S5 I9600, iPhone 4S


  • Be sure there's enough room for the holder on your dashboard
  • Place the small black rubber disc in the round magnet
  • After applying the foam sticker to your dash, be sure you have applied pressure to it and wait a couple of hours to be sure it has adhered to the dashboard surface.
  • For 3M Bottom Stickers

    • The surface for sticking the holder should be clean, dry and smooth. Try to avoid touching the sticker with your finger when stick it to the surface. Apply pressure to make sure it well contacted to the surface.
    • After applying to the surface of the dashboard, allow it to cure for a couple of hours.
    • When weather is cold, it's better to warm it before applying to a surface.
    • Do not install it in places that interfere with the normal use of airbag

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