Bamboo Multi Device Dock Cookbook Stand

  • One of a kind, eco-savvy bamboo multi-device dock and cookbook stand is specially designed for your kitchen. Minimizes the amount of space needed to hold both a tablet/iPad and a smartphone/iPhone either in landscape or portrait mode. A three-position height adjustment system for changing the viewing angle is integrated on the back of the stand. 
  • Instead of a lip, the stand uses a series of spherical pegs preventing messy pages and protects touchscreens from disastrous spills and smudges. Unique wire management system, with nylon cable clips, keeps your factory cables handy, out of sight and enables you to charge your tablet and smartphone so as not to lose any battery power while you cook. Handcrafted in California.
  • Three different viewing angles - 45, 35 & 45 degrees
  • 10-1/4in x 14-1/8in x 5/8in
  • Note:Use a food safe butcher block conditioner to maintain moisturized wood.

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