A modern take of lighting combines old world charm of the wine barrel with new world technology.  Two wine barrel staves are fused together to make one exquisite lighted arm extending the length to 48in (121.92cm).

Once the staves are fused, they are then lightly sanded, keeping the integrity of the wine stained wood.  They are then finished with our exclusive Danish oil.

 LED RGB lights are incorporated in a brushed textured aluminum cylinder. The remote switch allows you to not only change colors of the LEDs but also enables different light modes such as strobe and smooth transition from one color to another.  A true conversation piece not available anywhere else. Add a little fun to your space.

See image below to compare our sizes of the Aurora and the Helios.

Designed and each one is handcrafted in our shop in California. Specifications:

  • Stave Arm: Length - 48in (121.92 cm) x Width - 2.5in (6.35cm)
  • Aluminum Cylinder: Diameter: 6in (15.24cm)
  • Adjustable Angled Stabilizing Plate: Length:6in (15.24cm) x 4.5in (11.43cm)
  • 66 warm super bright LEDs in stave arm
  • RGB (red, blue, green) remote controller (Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth change
  • 12V Wall Transformer, International: 110V, 240V - CE Approved
  • Uses less than 5w with warm LEDs
  • Dimmer Touch Off/On Switch with memory
  • Made in America