• Aurora is a modern wine stave task Lamp combines old world charm of the wine barrel with new world technology of LED RGB lights incorporated in a brushed textured aluminum cylinder. A true conversation piece not available anywhere else. This versatile light may be used either on the wall as a wall sconce or a desk lamp as a desk lamp. Add a little fun to your home.
    • Stave Arm: L - x W - 2.5in
    • Aluminum Cylinder: Diameter: 4in
    • 36 warm super bright LEDs in stave arm
    • 6 RGB (red, blue, green) LEDs in the cylinder for the Aurora effect
    • 12V Wall Transformer, International: 110V, 240V - CE Approved
    • Uses less than 5w with warm LEDs and Aurora cylinder lights on
  • Over 200,000 wine barrels are retired each year in California alone. Some end up as planters or firewood and many are destined for landfills. We rescue wine barrels from wineries that simply don’t have the space to keep them any longer. We give them new life – in this instance the design is not only a beautiful and practical color changing LED lamp but also a functional art piece.

    Each barrel stave holds its own history and nuances meaning no sconce will be exactly the same – keeping the integrity of the wood.

    Once the stave is selected it is then lightly sanded insuring to keep the natural marks from the original wine barrel rings. They are then finished with a water based stain to preserve the beauty of the wood.

    The years of wine production lends a rich character to the wine stave and gives an elegant design element to your wall décor.

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