X Stand Set Up Instructions





To insert the rods, the grip rods should be inserted into the inner grommets.  The front/straight rods should go into the outer grommets as shown here. The small O-rings act as stops and reference points for future height settings.



This is how it looks with the laptop for your viewing angle. The grips are against the laptop and the laptop or tablet is against the tube.  The front/straight rods with the stops on the tube can be adjusted from 3” to 8” in height.


Standing Mode

Make sure you adjust the legs about 2/3 up and 1/3 down. This will adjust the length of the rod to tilt the laptop to approximately 15° for better viewing and comfort when using an auxiliary keyboard.

Example of Stand Up Mode

Notice the leg section of the rods is approximately 2/3 of the total length.  The O-rings are against the grommets.   Use the O-rings to act as stops and to mark this length.




If there is a gap between the rod and the desk, then the rods are not even.  So, you have to pull down the rod until it touches the desk and there isn’t any rocking.  Then slide the O-ring into place to remind you of the position.



Notice that in the stand up position we recommend that the keyboard is slightly tilted 15° to 20°.  This will allow more comfortable viewing and typing.



This is typical of your laptop using an auxiliary keyboard.  The height can be easily adjusted from basically 2-8” as you can see in this image.


Here it is shown using a 4” height. Slide the O-rings up to act as stops and markers for this height.



In typing mode you have a choice of either 15° or 25°. This image shows the laptop with 15°.  The laptop is lying directly against the tube.




This image shows 25° with the 3.0-inch rods inserted into the tube vertically.



This image shows the 25° angle with laptop on the 3.0-inch rods. You will find this a very convenient and comfortable method of typing.




Use the center holes for mini tablets, Kindles, etc.


How to apply the metal disc to the back of the smartphone


  1. Clean your phone with alcohol.
  2. Tear off 3M adhesive film
  3. Stick it in the middle of the back of the phone
  4. Stick small magnet on it
  5. Apply pressure to make sure it is secure
  6. See tips below

How to apply the magnet to the dashboard:

  1. Clean the area you are going to stick the magnet to
  2. Remove the sticker from the back
  3. Attach the magnet sticker to the surface (not recommended for leather surfaces)
  4. Wait 12 hours before use
  5. This magnet metal piece is fragile, please be careful when using it, don't drop it on the floor.

Other Notes:

  1. This magnet metal piece is fragile, please be careful when using it, don't drop it on the floor.
  2. Make sure there's enough room for the holder. Not recommended for leather surface, or it will be inconvenient to take it off.
  3. Do not put credit card together with it, or the card will be in danger.
  4. The small black round rubber part could be used in two ways, you can try to turn it over, and feel the different effects for your use.
  5. The bottom sticker is 3M foam stickers, when stick it on to your car, press it for about 1 minute. Then wait about 12-24 hours before using it!

For 3M Bottom Stickers

  1.   The surface for sticking the holder should be clean, dry and smooth. Don't touch the glue with your finger, when stick it to the surface, press it with pressure to make sure it well contacted to the surface.
  2. After it sticks to the surface, leave it alone for about 12 hours, this time is needed to fasten the glue.
  3. When weather is cold, it's better to warm it
  4. Do not install it in places that interfere the normal use of airbag.