Step-by-Step Instructions For Cable Managment System

Lay out your factory cable with 6 inches extending out from the edge of the upper tray.

Put the cable into the first cable clamp as shown above.

(The clamps can be pried open with a screwdriver)

Then put the cable into the second cable clamp as shown above.

Next, slide the cable thru the first rubber band.

Then put the cable thru the second and third rubber bands.

After pulling the cable thru the rubber bands, 

push the cable into the slot and press down allowing about an inch for loop to form.

Once the cable is thru the end and you have a loop,

place the cable thru the slot of the base and slide the U channel over the wire.

This channel can be glued in place with Superglue on the sides for a permanent installation.

If you want to keep your cable permanently attached to the arm,

  use a small amount of Superglue into the slot smoothing it out with a toothpick

Now press the cable into the slot. 

The rubber bands can be removed after the glue dries.

Now loosen the "T" knob and tilt up.

Set the top tray to the height and angle you want and tighten the "T" knob.  Rest your tablet into the tabs and plug in your tablet if you want to charge it while you work.