franken Edison light

What do Thomas Edison and Mary Shelley have in common? I was watching Thomas Edison Kinetogram Frankenstein (1910) on YouTube about a year ago and I was inspired to come up with an art piece project that would embrace Edison light bulbs and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel.

It was through the production facilities of Edison Manufacturing Company movie studios in the Bronx New York that Mary Shelley's creation was first projected into cinematic existence.

But how to combine these two different concepts that are so unrelated? I started searching various Edison light bulb designs and watching the original 1910 Edison Kinetogram movie again plus other various other films of Frankenstein. For the Edison bulbs I chose a round bulb and empirical cylinder bulb.

In the various Frankenstein films that I watched to bring the monster alive, two separate spheres were used to send lightning bolts to the monster's body to bring him ALIVE (a.k.a. Van de Graaff generator) so I came up with two separate mouth blown glass spheres with the Edison bulbs inserted inside.

It is set up like a seesaw and can go up and down and rotate to adjust the light patterns. It is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum along with stainless steel fasteners. Some parts are anodized others are not. The parts that are not anodized have been hand finished to bring out the machine age look.