About Us

About the Designer:

Dale Rorabaugh is an optometrist, scientist and industrial designer. Dale's true passion has always been designing awe-Inspiring products using sustainable materials whenever possible.

Dale has a long history of bringing innovative instrumentation to market with over 20 years designing and building products. He has 22 years in the medical, dental and instrumentation fields and has been awarded several major patents as well as patents pending. Dale also has extensive experience in manufacturing producing over 15,000 instruments of various kinds.


About Cool Invent:

Cool Invent is a design firm based in Northern California that incorporates an innovative and highly sophisticated sense of style to their products. 

Our objective at Cool Invent is to develop beautiful, easy to use, products that improve and simplify daily living.  We start with an idea or solution to a problem and develop it until we put forward something that is elegant and simple, but at the same time does not compromise functionality.