Who We Are

About the Designer:

Dale Rorabaugh is an optometrist, scientist and industrial designer. Dale's true passion has always been designing awe-inspiring products using sustainable materials whenever possible.

Dale has a long history of bringing innovative instrumentation to market with over 20 years designing and building products. He has 22 years in the medical, dental and instrumentation fields and has been awarded several major patents as well as patents pending. Dale also has extensive experience in manufacturing producing over 15,000 instruments of various kinds.


About Cool Invent:

Cool Invent designs sustainable products that are certain to enrich the look and feel of your space; and our laptop and tablet stands are sure to make make you more productive.

Our collections feature mostly modern LED lighted pieces. We rescue and upcycle our sconces from locally sourced wine barrels that are all handcrafted by us in Sonoma, California.

Many interiors are overrun with expendable products made with little or no concern for our environment. We look for quality in things we surround ourselves with. The thing is – nearly 200,000 wine barrels are retired each year in California along. Although some end up as planters or firewood, many are destined for landfills. We decided to do something about that.

We give the wine barrel sconces new life – in this instance the design is not only a beautiful but practical wall sconce, but also a functional work of art.

Each barrel holds its own history and nuances meaning no sconce will be exactly the same keeping the integrity of the wood. It’s a wonderful way to display the barrel stave and appreciate its history.

This is not the end of this glorious story, in fact it’s just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of it.

We are continuously designing the most innovative products that are most useful for you and your home.