LED Color Changing Stave Wall Sconce

led lighted sconce wine barrel stave

Composed of a single wine barrel stave and 36 RGB color changing LEDs.  The colors and modes are controlled by a single remote.  

Our sconce is intended to mimic this electrical phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis with the use of color changing LEDs on the back of the stave sconce. Equal parts function and art offering a full range of colors and effects all by remote. 


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Steps in Handcrafting the Stave:

  • Each stave is rescued from retired wine barrels either from French or American Oak
  • The wine barrel is then dismantled and the staves are sorted according to size.  
  • The staves are then gently sanded and finished for a smooth feel but still hold that authentic rustic look. 
  • Each piece is individually constructed allowing for the unit shape and character of each stave.  This means no two pieces are exactly the same and crafting can be a lengthy and complex task
  • Finally, each piece is treated with our custom Danish oil mixture and the final finishing touches are made to ensure each stave is as beautiful as when it was first created but now with a bit of aging.


  • Remote: Customize the color of the back of the sconce.  A full spectrum of hues allows you to switch colors automatically between individual colors. 
  • Modes: A strobe function changes colors rapidly for parties and festive events. Add a function that can fade in and out of various colors, and you no longer have a sconce - you have an experience. Other modes include Flash, Fade, Smooth.


  • Stave Arm: Length 91.44cm/36in x With 10.16cm/4.0in
  • Weight: 1.81 kg/4.0 lbs
  • 36 RGB Color changing LEDs on back of stave
  • 12V Wall Transformer, International: 110V, 240V - CE Approved
  • Uses less than 5w (when on) with 36 color changing LEDs and 
  • Patent Pending
  • Designed and handmade in the USA

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