4 Tips To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

May 19, 2017

4 Tips To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

Have you ever experienced your laptop slowing down? Overheating? If you want to keep your laptop running at its optimum, then it's imperative that you keep it from overheating.

A laptop that runs hotter than it was intended can and usually will have internal parts failure. These are some simple tips that may help you prevent your laptop from overheating. Overheated laptops have been known to burn down houses!

Tip#1 Find a Hard Flat Surface

If you're the type that likes to use your laptop on your bed, then you're setting yourself up for problems.  Laptops were intended to work on flat, hard surfaces.  Do you constantly work on the floor? Obviously, it's not a good place either as it collects more dust then being at a desk.  Also, try to use your laptop in a cool room and don't leave in a hot car and try not to use it in the sun.

Tip#2 Clean Out the Dust

You'll be amazed at the amount of dust that can creep into your laptop.  An effective way of removing dust is simply by using a can of compressed air and clean out all the vents.  Other methods include taking out the battery and cleaning out the fans.  Just be careful of sensitive components as this might void any warranty.  Check with the manufacturer first.

Tip#3 Don't Take It For Granted

Some laptops are louder than others.  Don't assume just because your laptop's fan is always running that it will overheat. If your laptop begins to freeze up and slow down or crash - this could be an indication of an impeding meltdown.

Tip#4 Buy A Stand That Raises Your Laptop Above Your Desk

There are all kinds of laptop stands.  Some come with fans, others do not.  The best ones are the ones that lift your laptop off the desk.  This let's natural airflow to the laptop.

If you have any tips you can leave, we would love to hear them. 

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